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Leveraging the combined strengths of Industry, Academia, Government, Startups, and global partners to propel forward transformative global innovation.

About us

Racing Ahead with Cutting-Edge Innovation

We act as a catalyst that engages, activates, and brings together diverse industries, a forward-thinking government, global alliances, our thriving entrepreneurial capabilities, and India’s vast, untapped capability to create a thriving innovation ecosystem that delivers outcomes that benefits the world.

  • Academia & Startups
  • Corporates & International
  • Government

Our Vision

To harness Tamil Nadu’s vast tech capability, making us amongst the Top 10 Innovation Hubs Globally.

Our Mission

To build a robust R&D&I ecosystem that facilitates world class innovation & deep-tech solutions out of TN through programs, policies & incentives.

Our Values

5 values define who we are, how we conduct our business, the way we treat people and how we behave. Our values are clearly demonstrated in our culture, our ethics, our very DNA.


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Program and initiatives

iTNT drives global innovation through collaborative initiatives, leveraging diverse industries, entrepreneurial prowess, and untapped academic potential to deliver impactful outcomes for the nation and the world.

Nurturing early-stage deeptech startups by equipping them with resources, technical workshops, mentoring, and collaboration to drive innovation and growth.

  • Customised ecosystem for Deeptech Startups
  • Robust facilitation encompassing diverse resources and elite mentorship
  • Strategic emphasis on collaborative synergy to propel cutting-edge innovation

Construct a robust international footprint with our Acceleration program. Customized packages to turbocharge overseas growth, operations and sustainability through unparalleled market intelligence and on-ground mentorship.

  • Strategic consulting for global expansion
  • International market entry and compliance support
  • Grow profit, enhanced clients satisfaction

Transforming R&D dynamics through R&D Capability as a service, enabling Industry and Academia to collaborate seamlessly on R&D projects to develop ground breaking solutions enhancing innovation and development endeavours.

  • Contractual engagement of researchers
  • Innovation Platform discovery
  • Industry - Academia synergy facilitation

Initiate and seed projects with commercial viability, leveraging Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program and Innovation Network, addressing Public Sector Innovation or Commercialization, undergo meticulous nurturing and eventually spun out as a successful venture.

  • Smooth transition of potential technical projects into ventures
  • Meet demands of Public Sector Innovation
  • Launch products for commercial viability

Explore limitless possibilities of growth and innovation leveraging exclusive resources and programs designed to enable market entry into diverse and vibrant Indian markets to catalyze expansion and growth.

  • Indian market literacy program
  • Market exposure program and product-market fit
  • Access valuable insights and establish meaningful connection

Collaborative environment fostering culture of experimentation, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration empowering individuals to turn ideas into tangible real-world solutions utilizing rapid prototyping and small batch productions in partnership with TANSAM and TANCOE, eventually changing the way products are designed.

  • Leverage In-house rapid prototyping facility
  • Prototype groundbreaking designs
  • Design and Validation through small batch production

iTNT Innovates Globally.

iTNT spearheads global change by uniting Tamil Nadu s brightest minds across industries. We pave the way for trailblazers and empower them to push the frontiers of science and technology. By bringing diverse talents together and providing access to world class infrastructure, our collaborative ecosystem sparks breakthrough innovations that uplift communities worldwide.

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