Break the Loop

Beating the Heat: Innovating Sustainable Solutions

to Tackle Heatwaves

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iTNT Hub and Rolls Royce have partnered to launch the "Break the Loop" innovation challenge to address the growing threat of heatwaves and their impact on society and the environment. This challenge aims to find sustainable solutions to predict and mitigate the effects of heatwaves through locally suitable technologies and approaches.

Partnering with Rolls Royce, the challenge provides a platform for startups and SMEs to trial and scale your solutions for validated use cases. Gain access to cutting-edge resources and forge collaborations with key industry players.

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Benefits of Participation

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Participants with promising solutions will have the chance to pitch in front of Rolls Royce leadership network and gain visibility in the energy and sustainability ecosystem.


Mentorship and learning sessions from the leading subject matter experts of Rolls Royce through to the Demo Day.


Incubation support at iTNT Hub to develop the product/solution.


Opportunity to make a positive societal and environmental impact.

Challenge Sector

Climate tech


Energy generation

Focus Area

Predictive Analytics:

1.A low-cost, accurate, and timely prediction algorithm for regional heatwaves.

2.Interpretable energy supply chain model with simulation capabilities

Sustainable solutions to alleviate impact:

1.Affordable solution to prevent power shortage using local technologies.

2.Low power consuming solution to reduce the impact of heat waves.

Eligibility Criteria

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The Challenge is open to all Tamil Nadu DPIIT-registered startups and professors from various institutions (“Subject Matter Experts”).


Preference would be given to innovative ideas for which patent has already been filed or can be filed in the future.

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Challenge Timeline

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