Careers Opportunities at the iTNT Hub

The Tamil Nadu Technology Hub (iTNT Hub) is a Section 8 company being established under the Companies Act, 2013 by the Government of Tamil Nadu. It is India’s first emerging and deeptech innovation network that works with entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and the industry, with the support of the government, to spur innovation and create a positive impact on the world – in the process elevating the Innovation index of the state.

iTNT hub is working closely with partners to build an institution of eminence, of international standards, in India. We are funded by the Government of India, the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Private sector. The board is constituted of members from the industry, professionally managed, with oversight from the government.

Close to 51 partnerships with educational institutions, 12 private sector companies, and collabrations with international incubation hubs has been established. Therefore all candidates will get a world-class experience in shaping technology leadership in the state of Tamil Nadu and India - and be part of a pioneering journey that has never been taken before.

iTNT Hub has a culture of Excellence, Strong Ethics, Open-mindedness and a Zero Tolerance policy towards harassment, poor work ethics or bad attitudes.

Applications for the iTNT Recruitment are now closed.

Why Consider iTNT Hub?