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Uniting Innovators: Tamil Nadu Technology (iTNT) Hub’s Inaugural Community Meetup

Tamil Nadu Technology (iTNT) Hub hosted its first community meetup bringing together a diverse group of tech enthusiasts, startups, and industry professionals of the State’s emerging & deeptech area. The event served as a platform to discuss the theme “The Need for Deep Tech and Innovation” along with knowledge sharing, networking, and collaborative opportunities. The event also served as a platform for the audience to share their startup work, and the cutting-edge technologies they are building.

The meetup started with the opening address of CEO, Mr. Vijay Anand of Tamil Nadu Technology (iTNT) Hub who set the stage for the meetup along with introduction about the hub. Vijay also emphasized on the role iTNT Hub plays in driving innovation in deep and emerging tech domain and need for innovation in the State. Core programs of the Hub like Startup Incubation, Acceleration, Innovation Network, International Pavilion, Venture Studio and Makerspace were briefed to the audience along with its services like Industrial Design-as-a-service, Small Batch Production service offered in the Makerspace. His thought-provoking speech set the tone for the evening, inspiring attendees to explore new possibilities joining iTNT Hub in its mission of making TN one of the top 10 innovation hubs in the world by 2040.

One of the highlights of the evening was the speech by Mr. Dinesh Arjun, CEO of Raptee Energy, Electric Motorcycle company based out of Chennai. His talk focused on early stages of Raptee Energy, Rise of EV sector in India, Crisis management, VC funding and support. Attendees engaged with the discussion and his journey as an entrepreneur resonated deeply with aspiring minds in the audience.

Raptee Energy CEO, Dinesh Arjun, engaging with the audience at our community meetup.

This was followed by an interaction with conversations around the challenges faced by the startup ranging from Branding, Investments, Need for Advisory Board and several others. The first community meetup at Tamil Nadu Technology (iTNT) Hub marked the beginning of building a strong tech community and a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in the state.

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