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The Foundation Pillars of Startups with Murali Rajagopalan, Mobilogix

The Tamil Nadu Technology Hub recently hosted its fifth Speaker Series event, featuring the distinguished Murali Rajagopalan. Murali, with a wealth of experience in mentoring startups and a track record of successfully building and scaling technology-driven businesses, particularly in IoT, Digital Solutions, and IT Services, shared his insightful thoughts and experiences on "The Foundation Pillars of Startups."

The crux of Murali’s presentation revolved around the concept of the "4P's," as the fundamental pillars upon which successful startups are built. These pillars are Purpose, Problem, Product (or Service), and People. He also emphasized that building a successful startup begins by addressing these four pillars with diligence and foresight.

One of the session’s intriguing discussions revolved around the concept of Customer Validation. Murali shared his pragmatic insights that startups should prioritize continuous customer validation over theoretical validation. He emphasized that iterating and improving products or services based on actual customer feedback is pivotal for sustained growth.

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