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Exploring Growth Opportunities in Singapore for TN Founders with Dr. Viveka Kalidasan

In a dynamic Speaker series session on October 12, 2023, Dr. Viveka Kalidasan, a prominent figure in the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation, shed light on the incredible growth opportunities available in Singapore for Tamil Nadu founders. Dr. Viveka Kalidasan is a tech agnostic who's been recognized as MIT Technology Review's 35 Innovator under 35 and a Top 100 Woman in Technology in Singapore. As the Founder and CEO of The Edify Project, she's breaking barriers, launching entities, and fostering innovation.

Here's a brief overview of what transpired during this informative session.

1. Government Support and Singapore's Advantages:

Dr. Viveka Kalidasan commenced by highlighting the robust support provided by the Singaporean government to foreign startups. She discussed tax incentives, grants, and mentorship programs that facilitate entry into the Singaporean market. The discussion naturally transitioned to why Singapore is an ideal choice for entrepreneurial growth, given its status as an R&D hub and strategic gateway to global expansion.

2. Key Sectors for Exploration:

The session then focused on key sectors for Tamil Nadu founders to explore, emphasizing AI, cybersecurity, and CAD-civil. Viveka underscored the high demand for technological solutions in these areas, offering attendees a vision of the vast opportunities they present.

3. Empowering Women in Entrepreneurship:

Viveka's commitment to women's empowerment was a central theme. She discussed projects like a toilet cleaning robot for semiconductor facilities, the Edify project, and Edventure, all aimed at fostering women's participation in Industry 5.0, thus creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape.

4. Real Case Studies and Insights:

The session provided real case studies of Tamil Nadu startups that achieved remarkable success in Singapore. These case studies served as concrete examples, reinforcing the notion that success is attainable. Viveka's insights, including her international client base and the importance of nurturing ecosystem partnerships in Singapore, left attendees well-equipped for entrepreneurial success in the Lion City.


In conclusion, the session provided a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for Tamil Nadu founders considering expansion into Singapore. Her extensive experience and dedication to advancing women in entrepreneurship resonated with the audience. Attendees left with a profound understanding of the Singaporean business landscape, key sectors, and the significance of fostering women's participation in Industry 5.0. Viveka also thoughtfully addressed attendees' questions about Singapore's advantages, sector-specific opportunities, and strategies for acquiring clients in education and technology. This session offered not only insights but also a clear roadmap to entrepreneurial success in the thriving business ecosystem of Singapore, leaving attendees motivated and well-prepared for their entrepreneurial journey.Keep an eye out on our events page to not miss our upcoming events!

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