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Scaling and Growing Operations with Sreyans Bardia

Scaling and growing operations in a startup is no ordinary task, it is a complex process that demands various aspects of startup process to disrupt the status quo. To address this complexity, we recently hosted a captivating guest as part of our speaker series, featuring Sreyans Bardia, Co-Founder of BOT VFX, on the topic “Scaling and Growing Operations”. Having worked with 500 clients across the globe including notable titles like Marvel, Stranger Things, Sreyans delved into the fundamental aspects of scaling operations, emphasized the importance of scaling and streamlining processes for startup operation and establishing framework for purpose driven growth.

In the session, Sreyans shed light on Team Management, Crisis Management, and startup operations along with best practices for startups aiming to scale. He emphasized on the fact that one of the key challenges faced by startups in scaling operations lies in talent acquisition and retention. He shared his company’s approach in hiring and retaining employees and the importance of trust building to avoid conflicts, driving employees to work towards shared vision fostering organizational growth. As the startup ecosystem continues to evolve, setting futuristic goals and framework for aligning operations with organizational goals and implementing agile methodologies will help in sustaining market dynamics.

As the event came to a close, attendees were enriched with strategies on scaling and growing startup operations in their own startup, followed by insightful interactions.

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