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Designing Products for the Indian Market with Yoganand VP, DOT School of Design

"Every human is a designer; you just have to shape yourself to reach your goal”.

Yoganand VP, Dean, DOT School of Design, spoke on "Designing Products for the Indian Market" as part of our inaugural Speaker Series for iTNT Hub’s FabLab and Design Studio.

Yoganand began his presentation by providing an overview of his vast experience working with National and Multinational firms. He has designed for FIAT, Pininfarina, Sony, Bosch, TATA's International bicycle division STRYDER, Murugappa Group, and TI Cycle of India, amongst many other renowned companies.

Sharing his views on developing products for the Indian Market, Yoganand mentioned that the most difficult challenge for an entrepreneur, is identifying customer pain points and purpose-driven design.

Yoganand's "Insight Crafting Process" consists of "Capture, Connect, Craft Insights, and Build Conviction" to identify end-user pain points. This iterative method not only refines the design process, but also strengthens the designer's belief in the product's potential impact.

Yoganand also mentioned that the entrepreneur’s compelling value proposition guides decisions throughout the design process, from aesthetics to functionality, ensuring that each element reinforces the product's central message.

Yoganand concluded his presentation with insights on Graphic Visual Mapping and Strategic Design Thinking Process for preparing compelling arguments for internal team communications and to design products with purpose.

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